April is looking up!

So today is April 2 and my month is already starting to fill up with acting craziness. I had an audition yesterday for an industrial with a production company in Arlington. Sidenote: WHY is Arlington so freaking confusing? Apple maps took me to A South Ninth St in Arlington, too bad is wasn’t THE South Ninth St at which the audition was located. Side-sidenote: Apple Maps is le suck. Definitely time to download Google maps back to the old iphone. Side-side-sidenote: Am considering buying a different phone when my contract is up with this iphone. Iphones have served me well for the past almost 4 years, but the constant crashing of my current iteration is causing me to rethink our relationship. /End sidenotes. Anyways, the point is that I had an audition in Arlington and it went well. I actually have a booking with the same production company tomorrow as well, so hopefully I can make a good impression and convince them to book me for the other project as well.

I also just booked another industrial directly (meaning I didn’t have to audition) through a company that I have worked with a few times now and I absolutely adore. The president of the company is probably one of the nicest people that I have had the pleasure of working with in the past few years. He cast me in one of my first professional (meaning PAID) acting jobs a few years ago. Actually pretty much everyone that I have worked with through that company has been amazingly nice, which just makes working with them so much more enjoyable.

ALSO, I got put on hold for a series of sexual harassment videos through another production company in MD. As for as I know, they are definitely using me, but they just don’t know the dates yet. My history with this particular company is an interesting one, only in that I have auditioned for them probably 4 or 5 times in the past three years and never gotten cast, but it’s a company that I have been wanting to work with because they do really great quality work, so it’s nice to finally land one.

I have another industrial shoot coming up this weekend, which I got by submitting to a casting notice online but didn’t have to audition for, which is always nice. Industrials aren’t the most interesting work, but as long as they pay I’m not complaining. So that’s four paid industrial gigs already booked this month and its only the second day of the month. I already have two more auditions lined up for the month so that’s even more potential. I don’t know how this is happening, but someone up there is definitely looking out for me and I appreciate it. I need it too, because things are looking really good for moving to New York in June. Rephrase, I am DEFINITELY moving to New York in June, but my husband has some prospects for work as well which is great, since we thought he would have to stay here for awhile first. He may still have to, but the chances of us being able to move together are looking really good. That means real apartment hunting and having to put down security deposits and potentially broker fees and all kinds of craziness so the more money we can save now the better. At the same time, I’m not too worried about it. Between our savings and selling our cars (which I am perfectly happy to do but the same cannot be said of the hubby) which should have enough to start out with, but like I said, the more money, the better so hopefully these paid acting gigs keep rolling in.

In other new, understudying for 4000 miles is going well. I finally got to run through my scene in understudy rehearsal which was a lot of fun. I really love the scene. I might even do part of it when I audition for the Actor’s Studio in New York. That, or a scene from Lungs, which is another great show, that premiered at Studio Theatre last year. I was finally able to get my hands on the script and I am definitely going to be using it, whether for a monologue or for a scene. The playwright does a great job of capturing the cadence of real speech. One of my issues with monologues in the past has been that it just doesnt feel natural. Whether it was the words or the rhythm, is just never felt natural coming out, but that’s not the case for this play at all, so hopefully I can get a really good dramatic monologue out of it.

Anyways, this post is getting really long and I have run out of things to say. So. Yeah.


Couch to 5K

So for all of you that are facebook friends with me, which at this point is probably all of you since I haven’t promoted this blog anywhere else, unless you found me in some random search, in which case WELCOME!, but getting back to my original point (omg this is the longest runon sentence ever), you may have noticed that I posted about starting Couch 2 5K which is a program developed to help people build up their endurance and be able to run a 5K. Man, some grammatician (is that even a word?) definitely just rolled over in their grave. Anyways, the point is, that I finally started it and completed my second day yesterday. The first day was kind of a disaster. For the first week, you are supposed to alternate 90 seconds of walking with 60 segments of running/jogging for 20 minutes. I skipped probably half of the running segments BUT I walked for extra long, probably about an hour’s worth of walking, which my husband insists is not the same thing, to which I say BAH! The second day went much better. I completed all of the running segments, even if the last couple were more of a slow jog than an actual run. I only have to do this 3 times a week, which I feel like is very doable, so we will see how things go.

My goal is to be in shape and have my skin as clear as possible by the time I move to New York in June. Between running three times a week, and eating well, I do not forsee that being a hugely unsurmountable task. The real problem is staying on task and actually running and eating well. I have a sweet tooth that comes and goes and sugar does nothing for my skin. Scratch that, sugar wreaks havoc on my skin, so that is most definitely something that I need to watch. I may also look in dance classes of some kind, but honestly between acting classes, coaching sessions and voice lessons, I may not be able to afford or even have time for dance classes. Running on the other hand is free, which honestly is the main attracting factor.

I never know how to end these blog posts. I feel like I should have some witty sign off or ending, but I mostly just end up petering off when I run out of ideas. Yea.


*sings* So little time, so much to do… Did anyone ever watch that Olsen twins show? I have the theme song stuck in my head. It was a terrible show. BUT the song is relevant to my life right now because the past couple of months have been completely INSANE. Which is great, but at the same time, has also been stressful and I think I may be due for some R and R days very soon.

On the acting side, things have been going great. This month, I have booked 3 industrials in addition to two days worth of training classes that I do with a company called Organization 21. If I haven’t mentioned that before, O21 is hired to do classes for other companies and they use a technique which involves actors who reenact vignettes live, rather than having the class watch a video, and then interact with the class in character. It’s been great for building my improv skills and the students always seem to be really into it, which is awesome as well. Also, one of the industrials that I booked was a union industrial which means that I am now eligible for the union. Even though I do not plan on joining the union until I have to, it is a relief knowing that I can join whenever I want to.

I have also been working on breaking in to the New York market. I attended a three day workshop last month through a networking company called Actor’s Connection. I did showcases with 6 NY Casting Directors as well as 6 NY agents. As a direct result of that workshop, I was called in for a commercial casting with one of the CDs and got a meeting with one of the agents. That meeting took place yesterday in NY and went very well. It may be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

All in all, I would say it has been a very successful month. Let’s just hope this roll I seem to be on continues. The whole feast or famine aspect of the acting career has me a little stressed about the looming famine times, but maybe it’ll be like Moses and I’ll have seven years of plenty before I have to worry about the next seven years. We shall see.

On the health side, things have been kind of up and down. I have been trying to maintain a healthy diet, but it’s not always easy with my schedule. Regardless of what I am eating, I think that what my schedule is really missing is a work out. After three years of being a server and a bartender, I think my body got used to the physical workout that I got being on my feet at work, even if I didn’t work out otherwise. Now that that is gone, I think that my body is reacting so I really need to add some kind of regular physical activity back in to my life. I want to start running so I plan on starting the Couch to 5K running schedule today, so I’ll let you know how that goes.

I have, however, been having success with switching over to my all natural face regimen. My skin has been doing great with the baking soda and honey facewash as well as the coconut oil as a moisturizer. My face used to get super super oily, especially if I didn’t put anything on it, but now it doesn’t get oily until much later in the day, and even when it does, it’s nothing like it was before. Overall, my skin just feels much more balanced and looks more even overall. I did experience a major breakout right after I started, but I have a feeling that may have had more to do with hormones than the regimen itself. Regardless, now that the breakout is finally clearing up, my skin definitely looks and feels infinitely better than before.

My next step is to change up my hair routine into something more natural. I had already switched to natural shampoo and conditioner which has helped, but I want to transition to something even better for my hair. Eventually I want to try no ‘poo which if you are not familiar with it, means washing your hair with baking soda only BUT I don’t know if I am ready for that yet, plus I don’t really have the one or two weeks necessary to let my hair transition and I don’t think that going into auditions with stringy gross transitional hair is a good idea. SO I am going to do sorta ‘poo instead which involves castille soap and coconut milk. Castille soap in general is something that I am interested in looking into. It is very versatile and is completely natural. I still have some more research to do on it, but I have a feeling that it will be a valuable addition to my natural beauty regimen.

In general, I just feel like everything in my life is really falling into place. Let’s just hope it lasts!

Master Cleanse Final Update

So I decided to end my cleanse a couple of days early. I made it 8 whole days almost without cheating at all! I will admit I did sneak half a spoonful of spaghetti sauce one day and a tip (ONLY THE TIP) of a cheeto another, but other than that I subsisted on lemonade for 8. WHOLE. DAYS. and I am so so glad it is over. I am glad that I did it. It was an experience, but I don’t think that it is something that I would do again. Overall, I think there are much easier and more enjoyable cleanse options that involve more variety which is something that I think I really need to keep me motivated to continue. However, I can see how this cleanse would be good for some people.

My weight has bounced around a lot the past 8 days so I’m not really sure what kind of weight loss I really experienced and we will have to see what happens once I start eating solid foods again. The lowest weight I ever saw on the scale was 121 lbs but this morning was 123.6. Since I was not doing this primarily for weight loss, this does not really bother me.

My next step is to ease slowly back into eating. Because I decided to end the cleanse a little early, I will add a couple extra days of juice cleansing. This morning my husband and I juiced a whole bag of oranges which should last me for a least another couple of hours. Unfortunately I cannot go home after work because I have an audition in DC this evening and it doesnt make sense to drive home and then drive back into the city. I am planning on stopping by Whole Foods to pick up some fresh vegetable juice for my evening meal and also some Sodium-free veggie broth for tonight. I also bought some Kombucha the other day which I will try drinking later this afternoon. I am hoping it isn’t going to be too hard on my stomach since it is fermented, but it’s great for digestion so I figure it will help get my intestines back into shape for digesting solid foods. I have some Kefir at home as well but I am concerned about the effect of dairy on my stomach so soon so I think I will give it a couple days before I try that.

Overall, I am pleased with my progress health-wise. This cleanse has really helped me to stay motivated to get in shape. I have started doing leg exercises at night to help with my knees which have been a little sore lately. I can’t wait to go back to yoga and I want to look into pole-dancing as an exercise as well. My energy has also been alot better since being on the cleanse and I have been able to get a lot done around the house, which is something that I had been putting off. I’m looking forward to being able to eat normally again soon. I already have a list of restaurants that I want to go to in coming weeks. Don’t worry though, they are all pretty healthy options. My first stop is a vegetarian restaurant that has an awesome asian vegetable soup that I have been craving. Then I want to try a hot pot restaurant nearby that I haven’t been to. Super excited for yummy veggies!


On the acting front, I’m still crossing my fingers for a couple of projects that may be shooting this week, but it’s getting down to the wire so I may have lost out on those. Luckily, I have an audition lined up if one of those project’s doesn’t go through so the day isn’t a total loss.

Wednesday is my last day at the part-time. I am so excited to be done with that part of my life (for now anyways). I will miss the money BUT enjoying my life is worth so much more. I look forward to more time to focus on the things that are important to me, namely my career and my lovely husband.

Coming up this weekend is another shoot for Shades of Gray. I don’t think I mentioned this one in my last post. Shades of Gray is an episodic about a bi-racial couple. I play one of their best friends. Again, a sassy Asian lady (I think I’m starting to sense a trend). I think it has a lot of potential so keep an eye out for it. Who knows, you may see it on TV one day! We have already completed the first episode and that will be premiering on youtube sometime in the future.

Also this weekend are my final scenes for the acting class I am currently taking. My scene partner and I are doing two scenes from Twelfth Night and I am super excited to perform them for an audience. We have been having a lot of fun with them, but I am ready to put them up in front of people other than my classmates who I am sure are sick of seeing them by now. It’s my first time performing Shakespeare in front of an audience minus the time in 9th grade English when I did a scene from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, but I like to pretend that that never happened. I have discovered that I actually enjoy performing Shakespeare, which is not something that I knew before. I am auditioning for the Chesapeake Shakespeare Festival in a couple of weeks so we will see what happens with that.

I’m definitely excited to see what this year brings. It’s already shaping up to be a great year!

Master Cleanse update!

So I started the Master Cleanse yesterday. My starting weight the night before I started was 130.6 lbs. Last night it was 127 lbs. This morning I started at 126 lbs. That seems like a lot in only one day, but I’m pretty sure this is all water weight so I’m not too worried yet. Hunger hasn’t been to much of an issue. Whenever I feel hungry I just chug a swig of lemonade and I’m good to go. I have been drinking a ton of water. Went through probably about a gallon and a half yesterday between the lemonade and just plain water. Feeling good so far, no shakiness or anything like that, I don’t even feel touchy or angry about that fact that I’m not eating anything. If anything I actually feel generally pretty happy which for those of you who know me, isn’t always the case. The only issue I’m having is cravings for food, not because I’m hungry but just because I WANT TO EAT! I miss food 😦 But I keep telling myself its only 10 days. I can do anything for only 10 days. I just hope I don’t crack and binge and ruin any progress that I make.

I’m excited to see if I can make it the full 10 days. Just have to keep telling myself how awesome I am going to feel when it’s done. In the meantime, I  have been amusing myself by looking up different natural beauty alternatives. Here are some that I am going to try once my current products run out:


According to my friend and the internet, Honey makes a great face wash. Not only is it antibacterial and antifungal but it also makes a great moisturizer. I’m definitely going to try this as a morning face wash. I am hoping that I won’t even need to use a moisturizer after it in the morning. For nighttime, I am going to try adding a little baking powder to help remove my makeup from the day. I also might try mixing it with some brown sugar for extra exfoliation once a week, but I still have two tubes of facial scrub to go through first.

Baking power:

In addition to its exfoliating properties for the face, baking soda is also apparently a good shampoo alternative. I’m not as sure about this one, I dunno if I can handle just straight up not shampooing my hair. I have actually been using a natural shampoo lately that I really like, but I think I might want to give this Baking power thing a go. It is WAY cheaper.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

I am going to try this both as a toner after my Honey and Baking Power wash at nights, and as a conditioner for my hair. I’m a little concerned about how this is going to make my hair smell though…

Coconut Oil:

This one apparently has all kinds of crazy uses besides the obvious one for cooking, which I have tried but don’t particularly enjoy because I don’t really like the taste of coconut. I use mostly grapeseed or olive oil for cooking. I am going to try this as a nighttime moisturizer, shaving cream and eye makeup remover.

There are so many awesome natural alternatives to chemical products that I don’t know why anyone bothers wasting all their money on that nasty stuff. No more for me! Time to go all natural baby!

Current and Upcoming Projects

Confab –

Confab is a web-series that I shot last spring. It is a sitcom a la Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Cheers, etc. I play one of the four main characters. The pilot episode premiered last wednesday and is available for viewing on the website at www.watchconfab.com! New episodes will become available every two weeks. Keep an eye out for the next episode, “The Sorority”, in which Deb (played by me) and Sandy debate the merits of greek life but NOT SVU.

4000 Miles –

I will be understudying for the role of Amanda in 4000 Miles by Amy Herzog. It was be opening at the Studio Theatre in March. Since I’m just understudying, the liklihood of me actually going on is pretty slim BUT there is a scene in which the main character talks to his sister via skype, and I play the voice of his sister SO even though you probably won’t see me, if you go see the show, you will hear my voice. Joy Zinoman is directing and she is amazing so I highly reccommend that you check it out and I will be sure to post if anything changes on the understudy front!

A Cougar’s Heart –

This is an independent feature film that I will be working on this year. We start principal photography in May 2013. My character is a supporting lead and a pretty significant part. I play Angel, who is the best friend of the main character around which the film is centered. It’s a really fun part, and I look forward to starting filming! Keep an eye out for updates on this one.

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